Avocado toast with lemon juice, hot pepper flakes, sesame seeds, and cracked pepper with the last heirloom tomato of the summer. #breakfast #alessandraeats

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Yumi Sakugawa

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Abandoned in front of my place this morning… #mystery #citibike

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Aman Ali

I am going to reblog this quote every year. 

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Pizza by Victoria Bellavia

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can straight girls please stop shitting their pants over being mistaken for lesbians or being called lesbians as an insult?

when someone tries to insult you by calling you a lesbian, they’re a homophobe. if you actually find it insulting to be called a lesbian, you’re a homophobe too. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.


Rainbow Warrior
Now in gif form- so sparkly, so magical…

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Brunch vibez 🍳☀️ #brunch #alessandraeats  (at Cafe Colette)

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@bluebottle has made to order waffles. Just putting that out there. ☀️ #breakfast #midtowneats #alessandraeats  (at Blue Bottle Rockefeller Center)

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LO AND BEHOLD: BALLS!!! Turkey and quinoa style. Made a super rad @epicurious turkey meatloaf yesterday, and tweaked the recipe for BALLS and made ‘em just now. Not apologizing for the blinding aluminum foil. Ok good night! #meatballs #kindapaleo #mealprepmondays #alessandraeats  (at The Salami Saloon)

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